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We offer a full replacement service to both domestic and commercial properties where required. Our new joinery is purpose made and available in hardwood or double vacuum preservative treated soft wood with hardwood sills.

Much of our work is carried out on Listed buildings, where it is essential that profiles and mouldings of the original joinery are faithfully replicated. We apply the same criteria to all of our joinery whenever possible.

Whether it is a full scale replacement project, or just a single casement window for the outside toilet, we will produce a finished article, that you will be proud of.

The new windows are supplied with an unobtrusive draught seal system, quality sash fasteners and sash lifts, primed ready for painting to a finish by your decorators.



The traditional sash window and the Yorkshire window, form an important part of period building architecture, and of our heritage. It is vital that they are preserved. Well-seasoned timbers were used in the manufacture of the windows, and if properly maintained, and skillfully refurbished the sash window will outlast any modern window.

The sash window is a very efficient window for air distribution, while keeping out the elements. The design, with its gaps between the moving sashes, did not consider the modern need for energy conservation.

The gaps give problems by allowing draught, noise and dust to penetrate. Sashes rattling in the wind, generally result in inappropriately sealed and painted up windows. Replacement of old glass with modern glass affects both the balance and aesthetics of the sashes. Poor painting maintenance, allows the sills and sash timbers to be affected by the elements, and the resulting rot leads to unsuitable replacements

Distinctive period buildings and Victorian terraces are spoiled by the installation of expensive period replications, or modern upvc windows. DH Joinery Services offer an alternative approach in the form of a complete restoration package. From the complete servicing of a window, to restore it to its original working condition. To the installation of a proprietary weather proofing system, fitted into the rebates of the window, making it unobtrusive and not detracting from the original appearance of the window.

The DH Joinery Service starts with a site survey of each window in order for us to establish its state of repair. This is followed by a detailed quotation including a report and schedule of work. Upon receipt of an order, DH Joinery Services Ltd will liaise with the occupier and agree a sequence of working to minimise disruption during the installation process. Wherever possible all work is carried out at the property and from within the building, this minimises the need for external access. All windows are left secure on completion of each days' work.


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Our aim is to help you to conserve your property, by using traditional methods to retain the originality of your windows. To combine traditional and modern methods to add to the comfort of your home, by maintaining original profiles in new timber sashes, and by installing double glazed units.

This is enhanced by the installation of the weather proofing system which reduces sound levels, dirt and draught penetration. Replacement windows will be manufactured

to match the existing in moulding and frame detail.

The majority of the work is carried out from within the room at the window location.

The area will be dust sheeted and will be thoroughly cleaned on completion of the work.

The staff beads, sashes and parting beads are carefully removed to access the box frame. Repairs are carried out to the box frame. Seen here is a full sill replacement to a twin box window frame.

The sill is an integral part of the sash window, and when replaced should be properly fitted into the vertical members of the frame.

The pulleys are serviced or replaced if unserviceable, new sash cords are fitted, and balance weights are adjusted to enable smooth operation of the sashes. The original sashes, replacement sashes or new double glazed sashes carefully profiled to replicate the original sashes are fitted into the repaired box frame.

The refurbishment is completed by the installation of the draught proofing. New parting beads and staff beads and the middle rail and bottom rail of the lower sash have draught seals fitted. The noise levels are reduced by 10 decibels or fifty percent, and draught, dirt and insect ingress is eliminated.

For further information or a budget quotation click here

For further information or a budget quotation click here


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